My personal wiki



Slimmed down wiki!

For the sake of fast loading times and less memory consumption, the site has been slimmed down to become more lightweight. Pages are now under 200kb!

Lightweight images

Every images in this site will be resized to reach a maximum resolution of 800x800 (while keeping ratio, of course) and an additional filter is added to turn the picture into a monochrome one.

If you want an example, there is a picture on /tech/x250 and myself. The only page that contains potentially heavy images is the gallery.

Lightweight CSS

The CSS is lightweight enough to fit under 2 kilobytes (and it is not minified!) while keeping the website a modern look.

Cosy colorscheme

I wanted to redesign the site to look better, so I decided to take a colorscheme that is comfortable for reading. I thought Solarized Light would be a good colorscheme so I gave it a go.