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Image Description - This is my ThinkPad X250 running Void Linux. Yes, I know, the pansexual flag is upside down.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X250 is my daily driver laptop. This page will have notes about my personal experience with it and some tips about my model that can be useful. However your experience may vary as there are different models of the X250.


Nothing much to say honestly, everything worked out of the box without too much issue.


I have used different operating systems (especially Linux distros) on this laptop and the experience and struggles has usually been different depending on what I was using.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux has been the first Linux distribution I have ran on this laptop as I was comfortable with it. Changed the distribution because it was about to shit itself.

There is not much to say about it, everything worked out of the box. However the Intel graphics video drivers had to be installed manually.

Debian GNU/Linux

I was on Debian for a little while. I switched to something else because I found out there is not much packages in the repos (contrib and non-free included). A lot of packages I needed weren't the repos and required to get them from something else than the package manager. I could have installed snapd or flatpak but I really don't like this kind of package manager.

Concerning drivers, the wifi drivers are non-free and you will need to grab an ethernet cable and install iwlwifi-firmawre.


There had an attempt in installing OpenBSD. Despite it's awesomeness, it had major performance issues. Especially using applications such as Firefox or Chromium. I know there are probably tweaks to do but I honestly couldn't be bothered to do such tweaks. Maybe another time :p.

However there are a few things that I had to do to have a fully functionning installation.... I just had to install the intel wifi firmware using fw-update and follow a few instructions here.

Void Linux

Because of OpenBSD's major performance issues that I couldn't bother try to fix, I decided to go for Void Linux. I just wanted to get rid of Meme Linux.

I don't have much to say on it, everything works just perfectly! I had no issues during the installation, all my config and documents has been backed up without issues. I just had to switch from netctl to NetworkManager which is fine and honestly I think it works much better than netctl.