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h is a entirely free web hosting service that I have been working on recently. It's aim was to provide a website to people in the community. The project is currently in hold due to hardware and network limitations. The project might come back to life when I'll have something more secure to work with.

This project is also for learning purposes in setting a secure and fully automated management of the websites using a simple administration tool. The tool is called hadmin and is currently not available to the public because the project is not even really alive yet.


hadmin is the administration tool to manage the users and website content. This tool can add, delete and suspend users and can also reset or delete website content. All automated.

The users could access to the service using SFTP. No shell, just SFTP. They are chrooted in their home folder and there is no way to escape it.


This service is invite-only by me. A request must be specified by mail to be added as a user in the service. A draft of the rules can be found here.