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Image Description This is a cropped picture of myself. I was sticking posters for the transgender visibility day in my town.

Hello! My name is Matthilde Autumn Stella. I am a computer fanatic interested in servers, programming languages, networking and how all of these works! I also dream of a healthier, more lightweight web. Thankfully, where I like to go is usually not making my fan spin very fast.

I am currently maintaining this site to log my research, projects and random notes. Feel free to have a look around! I also have a blog at

Computer science is filled of lots of different sectors. Such as Kernel development, Compiler design, AI, Web development (eugh..), Embedded, etc... Unfortunately we have reached an era where tech is not well used, resulting to heavy, slow software (especially in the proprietary side). My dream would be that software becomes more reliable, stable and lightweight and that the Moore law is no longer a thing.

I am considering speaking out my opinions at some point on my blog.